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Birthdate:Feb 13
Location:Plano, Texas, United States of America
Website:My Goodreads Profile

What They Call Me

(No, it's not Tater Salad)

I've been known by many names: Amy, Mimi, Amykins (use it and die a slow, painful death), AmyWamy (see Captain Jake for usage rights) The Aimstress, Avice/Luscious, Amorette, Lalena, Wrench, Frieda, Ümlaut, hey you... so here I am, in all my flawed glory. Music, reading, writing and my friends are my passions. For that matter, passion is my passion – sucking all the marrow out of life and all that. The details of how that's accomplished? Relatively unimportant. It's what they signify on a grander scale, really.

I think that's why I have a thing for Death—she's arguably the most well-adjusted and content of all the Endless. She is able to have simple thoughts about complex subjects, teasing out what is most important and leaving the rest. It's clean, but not dispassionate. She spends a day every century as a mortal, so she has compassion for finite, living things. Death gives life meaning. She heralds change. What's not to like, really?

Stuff I Do

Other cool items of note? also contains my professional fiction debut: a short story in an anthology called Dracula in London called "Beast" I co-wrote with cluegirl. I also work with a Dallas-based video production company called Tempest Productions. We do great historical documentaries, cool shorts, and our parties? Legendary. Plus, we have cool swag. See?

I sing in a band, too: Don't Look Back, with meatpie– though we still need a guitar player and drummer. (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? – Anyone?) Actually, we're on hiatus while 'Pie spends some time playing SuperDad with his infant toddler son Potpie, but we're hoping to return to semi-regular practice later in 2005 at some point (she said with cautious optimism)...

And as of Spring 2005 I am also one of the tarts of Queen Anne's Lace. Actually, my character is German so I guess that makes me a streudel, one Frieda von Lustnau by name (though divalace has been known to call me Ümlaut—as in, "Get bent, Ümlaut!"—when I misbehave). Our a cappella repertoire includes madrigals, hymns, pub songs, bawdy ditties and even some swing and doo-wop. We recorded a CD (6th so far but first for me) in October 2005... it's called "Moves Through the Faire" and it's on sale now!

Pics of many of the above-mentioned activities can be found at My Fotki Site.

Stuff I Support

Save The World - One Click At A Time!

On each of these websites, you can click a button to support the cause -- each click creates funding, and costs you nothing! Bookmark these sites, and click once a day!

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Stuff I Make

Hell's Kitten's Scare Wear & Goth Gear

New Queen Anne's Lace Cafe Press Store
Click the "Q" below to check it out


I'm a dork of epic proportions. Unabashedly, unrepentantly so. But I try to make it adorkable. It even works most of the time (or so I'm told).

I'm pretty open about most things. I purge. A lot. Once the problems/rants/issues are committed to type, rest assured that I'm well on the way to a solution (even if I'm too slow or scared to realize it at the time). I enjoy playing devil's advocate a bit too much—especially with myself.

The Rules

If you don't find all this too tedious, odious or other -iouses and want to friend me, drop a comment to let me know you've joined.I don't allow anonymous comments - too easy for cowardly snipers to hide behind the veil of namelessness. You must post your comments as a registered LJ user, thereby taking accountability, to have input in my little virtual world here. Say what you wish with respect and compassion; while I may not agree I will in turn respect your well presented viewpoint. Just speak your mind without playing pigeon, crapping all over things and flying away and we will get along just fine. I've decided to experiment with allowing all comments again, as I know a lot of lurkers who may wish to use this forum as another means of communication. If someone craps in the sandbox, though, I will revoke privileges and only allow those I know to play here once more.

To quote the venerable Reverend Bob, "Peace on ya!"

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